Laurens H

Jeffrey helped me a lot on my spiritual path. I’d been stuck for a while and didn’t know what the next step would be for me. I had never had healing and didn’t know what to expect. I even found it a little exciting. From the first moment I felt reassured and relaxed, this was because of Jeffrey’s professional and calm attitude. I knew how to open myself up so Jeffrey could do his job. During and after the session I felt lighter and “cleaner”. This was already a positive result which was felt immediately. It was as if a certain “heaviness” had fallen away from me. The days and even weeks after I was more in touch with myself and I experienced moments like just after my awakening (synchronicity and clear knowing/hearing). I never expected that healing could have such an impact on my experience. Thanks for your loving and honest work Jeffrey! I recommend everyone to experience a healing session with Jeffrey, no matter what stage of your life you are at. It is of great value. As soon as the time is right, I would like to come back for another session.

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